Containerd snippets

Basic image management with ctr

Pulling images with ctr always requires a fully-qualified reference — in other words, you cannot omit the domain or the tag parts (the digest doesn’t have to be provided, though).

ctr image pull
ctr image pull

Listing local images

ctr image ls

Tag images

ctr image tag localhost:5000/iximiuz/test:latest

Push images

ctr image push localhost:5000/iximiuz/test:latest

Remove images

ctr image remove localhost:5000/iximiuz/test:latest

Run containers

ctr image pull

ctr run hello1

List containers

Back to basic container operations, you can list existing containers with:

ctr container ls

Inspect container

You can also inspect a container with ctr container info <container-id>:

Remove container

Finally, you can remove a container with ctr container remove . Let’s remove the hello1 container we’ve created earlier:

ctr container remove hello1


Run command in a new container

nerdctl run

Run a command in a running container

nerdctl exec

Create a new container

nerdctl create

Fetch container logs

nerdctl logs

Start one or more running containers.

nerdctl start

Stop one or more running containers.

nerdctl stop

Restart one or more running containers.

nerdctl restart

Remove one or more containers/images.

nerdctl rm/rmi

Remove all stopped containers.

nerdctl container prune

Build an image from a Dockerfile.

nerdctl build

Pull/push an image from a registry.

nerdctl pull/push

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